2036 Origin Unknown (2018)

After the first manned mission to Mars ends in a deadly crash, mission controller Mackenzie 'Mack' Wilson assists an artificial intelligence system, A.R.T.I. Their investigation uncovers a mysterious object under the surface of Mars that could change the future of our planet as we know it.

  • Hasraf Dulull
themoviedb icon 5.3/10
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  • İzlenme Sayısı: 504
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  • Dil: İngilizce
  • Süre: 94 dakika
720p (Altyazılı)

Joe David Walters

Jake Wilson (voice)

Katee Sackhoff

Mackenzie 'Mack' Wilson

Ray Fearon

Sterling Brooks

Julie Cox

Lena Sullivan

Steven Cree

ARTi (voice)

Noush Skaugen

Jill Valentine (voice)

David Tse

Jian Lin (voice)