LADY ~最後のプロファイリング~ (2011)

Rookie investigator Shoko Kazuki has just returned from the U.S. after being trained by the FBI in the art of criminal profiling. Recruited by a newly-formed Crime Profiling Support unit (CPS) within the Metropolitan Police Department, Shoko gets to work cracking the department’s most frustrating cases which offer only scanty clues and no apparent motives. Still, she must apply all the behavioral and analytical tools of her trade to painstakingly build the criminal profiles that will lead her and her team on the right trail. A realistic depiction of the profiling process and forensic analysis, LADY exposes the sinister underbelly of society and sheds light on the murky landscape of the criminal mind. -- TBS

Sezonlar: 1
themoviedb icon 10.0/10
  • Yayınlanma Tarihi:
  • İzlenme Sayısı: 166
  • Ülke: JP
  • Dil: Ja
Watchlist Favorite

Yūsuke Santamaria

Masaki Tsuge

Keiko Kitagawa

Shoko Kazuki

Tae Kimura

Akira Yuki

Yuta Hiraoka

Keisuke Nibori

Risa Sudo

Marie Okue

Yukiyoshi Ozawa

Yuichiro Todo

Jun Kaname

Takehiko Terada

Muck Akazawa

Satoshi's Mother
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